Have the two remaining Migos, Quavo and Takeoff, chosen sides in the feud between Nicki and Cardi B? Do they truly enjoy one femcee’s music over the other and do their feelings for Offset play a part in how they feel about Cardi? Drink Champs hosts NORE and DJ EFN got the duo in the studio to ask them the tough questions about their fellow “Motorsport” collaborators.

Quavo and Takeoo made an appearance on the podcast to promote their new album, Only Built For Infinity Links. This is their first project since the departure of Offset, Cardi B’s husband.

In a clip, host NORE gets down to business and asks the duo, “Nicki or Cardi?”

A short laugh breaks up the silence in the room. Things get rowdy with people asking for shots as the rappers try to avoid answering.

Quavo takes the brave step and answers first, “I’m going to say…I’m going to say, Nicki.”

Takeoff quickly cosigns, “Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. That’s crazy.”

The Migos, once a trio, were reduced to a two-man group known for a short time as Unc & Phew, earlier this year. There was a lot of speculation as to whether the divide was over jealousy, industry politics with their label Quality Control Music Group, or Cardi B’s influence on Offset.

The two remaining members cleared up the rumors when they were guests on Revolt TV’s Big Facts podcast. Quavo ultimately said the breakup was based on matters related to family, brotherhood, and loyalty.

Now that it’s no secret the trio isn’t on the best of terms, hearing Quavo and Takeoff choose Nicki seems a little shady.

Twitter quickly reacted to the clip. Although some Barbz agreed with the choice, some weren’t too quick to forget the guys were once on the other side.

User @luvhiphop1881 thought the answer wasn’t very becoming of Quavo. 

@fendi_onika didn’t appreciate the fake love. 

@thobile031 called out how the duo flipped the script. 

@zukosifuhotman thought there was a more significant issue than just pettiness.