The iconic actress Cicely Tyson was recently buried in Harlem, New York during a private ceremony that included notable figures from Hollywood and beyond.  Tyson died in January,  leaving behind a legacy and memories that will continue to impact those decades after her transition.

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Entertainment mogul, Queen Latifah, recalled one of her many memories of Tyson with People.

In 2014, during a press run, Tyson appeared on The Queen Latifah Show to discuss The Trip to Bountiful with Blair Underwood and Vanessa Williams. Latifah recalled seeing an inappropriately phrased question appear on the prompter.

“I was doing my talk show and was happy and excited, but nervous…I saw this question pop up on my prompter, and I knew that I wasn’t supposed to read the question the way it was written before I even got it out,” she said. “And it was something like, ‘So do you guys so-and-so?’”

Without correcting the phrasing of the question, Latifah repeated the question to Tyson, who did not appreciate the phrase “you guys” in reference to her and her castmates.  Latifah says Tyson corrected her saying, “Wait a minute. I’m not  ‘you guys.’”

Latifah noted that she apologized immensely for the slip-up.  “I [wasn’t] raised that way,” Latifah stated about the incident. “I was raised better than that. So I knew before it was even out of my mouth, I knew.”

Latifah also said was appreciative of the correction citing that it is something everyone needs from time to time.

“I appreciated that she did that because you are never too big to get checked. You know what I mean? And some people think they’re too big to get checked. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and I was wrong. And she let me know that was inappropriate, and I appreciated her letting me know that because it just brought me back,” she stated.