Despite the online and television promotion, streaming mobile app Quibi has debuted April 6 to a lukewarm reception, smaller than Apple TV+ and Disney+ at launch, reports Variety.

The outlet cites data from social media research firm ListenFirst Media which states that Quibi was mentioned in 46,554 Twitter posts on its launch day, which was 8.6 times less than the number Apple TV+ received and 23 times less than Disney+.

Quibi did receive a 351 percent spike in its social media fandom at the time of launch, but overall, the launch appears to be not as popular as the launches of larger streaming giants. However, ListenFirst chief marketing officer Tracy David said, “The early social media reaction to Quibi indicates that while there’s less volume of interest around the platform compared to Disney+ and Apple TV+ at launch, the app is generating real-time conversation around their reality shows.”

David found that four out of the five Quibi shows with the highest number of online mentions include those who are hosted by or featuring a celebrity, such as Chance the Rapper’s Punk’d. The most popular Quibi topic on launch day was Ariana Grande and her episode of Quibi’s &Music, which gives fans insight into their favorite stars’ music and performance lives. Punk’d was mentioned in 1,644 tweets on launch day.

While Jennifer Lopez’s Quibi show Thanks a Million received only 868 tweets, it has been the show that spawned the most Twitter mentions throughout March, with the app’s tweet about the show’s trailer creating 77,849 comments, making it the most viral tweet from Quibi programming. Also, between March 5 and April 6, the top three shows mentioned on social media are Thanks a Million, I Promise and Punk’d.

Shadow And Act made attempts to reach out to Quibi before its launch to review content but did not hear back.


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Photo: Quibi

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