Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 is giving an inside look into the relationship between two brothers after the system has kept them apart. 

“Unique is the younger brother of Ronnie, so I feel like this is the first time that people can see Unique [excited about something],” Joey Bada$$ told Blavity’s Shadow and Act ahead of the season’s premiere. “You see the excitement in Unique. You almost see his inner child a little bit, like, ‘Wow, Ronnie’s home. My big brother.’ And you get to see a little more vulnerability from Unique this season, which I think adds a very interesting layer.”

When asked to describe his character of Ronnie, Grantham Coleman, uses words like “stone cold,” and “in your face.”

“He’s not one of many words, so I feel like when people meet Ronnie, their reaction is going to be abrupt and very much like, ‘Oh…OK, so we’re not gonna mess with him,’” Coleman explained. “Like what Joey said about our family dynamic [and] seeing Ronnie as the older brother, we’ve always seen Unique as the dude in charge, so it’s kind of cool to see that brotherly dynamic.”

While having his brother home allows viewers to see a whole different side of Unique, it is also worth noting that after the cliffhanger that ended Season 2 of the spinoff from the beloved Power universe, those watching saw a hint at what it would be like to explore the softer side of him when it comes to Raq (Patina Miller).

“Despite these two characters having moments of wanting to tear each other’s heads off, I think there was always an undeniable chemistry between them,” Joey Bada$$ recalled. “Viewers can definitely expect to see that chemistry explored a little bit and I think it plays on this new layer of Unique’s vulnerability. I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens between Unique and Raq.”

New episodes of Raising Kanan premiere drop each Friday on Starz.