UPDATE: Ray Fisher says that The Wrap’s initial report that he would be written out of The Flash because he will no longer be a part of DC Films while Walter Hamada is present is inaccurate.

He sent out a series of tweets on Thursday:

Previously reported: DC Films is moving forward with their projects without Ray Fisher by writing him out of their upcoming The Flash film.

According to The Wrap, Fisher has been officially removed from the film following his recent comments about never working with DC Films and its president Walter Hamada. In a Dec. 30, 2020 tweet, Fisher accused Hamada of trying to undermine WarnerMedia’s Justice League investigation of misconduct and called “the most dangerous kind of enabler.”

As late as Jan. 5, Fisher was still speaking out against Hamada. After Hamada’s contract with Warner Bros. was extended, Fisher wrote that “Walter Hamada was working directly with Geoff Johns and Toby emmerich (on Shazam) DURING Justice League reshoots.” Johns, a Justice League producer, was one of the people who created a toxic working environment, according to Fisher’s claims. Others accused by Fisher included director Joss Whedon and producer Jon Berg.

Fisher’s last film with DC Films, Zack Synder’s cut of Justice League, is set for a March 2021 release.