Filmmaker Matt Nicholas’ Rebel Maverick has acquired the rights to develop a book on the Detroit riots for television.


Rebel Maverick will adapt Nightmare in Detroit: A Rebellion and Its Victims as a miniseries or event series. The book accounts the infamous 1967 Detroit Riots and its victims. The book was published in 1968.

Nichols will be an executive producer on the project and Rebel Maverick’s Head of Development & Production, Ashley Anguline will be a co-executive producer. The company is currently out to writers and will then shop it to networks and streaming services.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the riots, and the second project on them in development, behind Katheryn Bigelow’s highly-anticipated Oscar contender, Detroit. 

Owned by Nicholas, Rebel Maverick is a startup production company focusing producing projects that “resist traditional standards and conformity. ”

The company is working with actors, actresses and filmmakers on projects, including the likes of  Mo’Nique, Rachel Crow, as well as filmmakers like Jeffrey Reddick and Tina Mabry.