If there’s one thing many can agree on about the Smith family, it’s that they’re not your average family. The Hollywood dynasty consists of powerhouse actors, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and their children Trey, Jaden, and Willow.

Trey is Will’s son from a previous marriage, whom Jada lovingly refers to as her “bonus baby.” Though Trey is close to the Smith family, he was primarily raised by his mother with more traditional values. Will and Jada’s approach with Jaden and Willow is laxer. They believe in allowing their children freedom.

Freedom for the Smiths includes allowing an 11-year-old Willow to shave her head bald and a 15-year-old Jaden move into his own home in search of his own independence. The Smiths’ parenting style is constantly under fire, which also negatively impacts their children.

In a new episode of Red Table Talk, a now 19-year-old Willow opens up about the criticism she and Jaden have faced throughout the years, admitting she felt shunned by the Black community due to the misunderstanding of their family values.

“Specifically with the African American community, I kind of felt like me and Jaden were shunned a little bit, like, ‘We’re not gonna take pride in them because they’re too different,'” Willow says in the episode. “Even some of our family members, I would feel they thought, ‘You’re too different.’”

Jada also opened up about the mom-shaming she’s experienced. Still, she refuses to be confined by societal standards.

“It’s something that we as a community really have to learn how to let go of,” Jada says. “I know that people felt like: ‘It’s dangerous. You cannot afford to raise your children this way because it’s dangerous. You know what it’s like to be a Black or brown person in this world. You are doing your kids a disservice.'”

The Smith kids definitely march to the beat of their own drum. It’s working well for them. Both appear to have a healthy work-life balance all while under constant scrutiny from the public. It also helps to have cool and supportive parents like Will and Jada.

Watch the episode below:


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