Shadow And Act took Michael Ealy down memory lane to reflect on some of his most memorable roles, including barber Ricky from the Barbershop series and lifelike android Dorian from FOX’s Almost Human.

When discussing Barbershop, Ealy said the experience of being on set the first time was much different than when he came back for the sequel.

“It was interesting to come back for the second one. The second one was such a different experience because [with] the first one, no one knew who I was and I was so happy to be in a movie,” he said. “I had no idea what was going to happen. I was just happy I booked a role” he shared. “I loved the character of Ricky at that point and I made a lot of connections between him and Tupac,” he added. “…To come back onto the set the second time and not be the no-name guy and be…one a certain level with Cube and Cedric…that was a great learning experience for me.”

There are fans out there that, to this day, are still angry with FOX for their treatment of sci-fi show Almost Human, in which Ealy starred as Dorian, a lovable android who ponders his own existence while serving as a partner to a police detective (Karl Urban). Ealy is among those who wishes he got to do more with the character.

“That’s the one that got away. It hurt me to watch that because it’s the job when I signed up for it, I had great expectations…In this business, you have great expectations for certain jobs. You really really want them to go well and you can be extremely passionate about them,” he said. “For reasons beyond your control and, who knows, greed…the show didn’t go any further. But I tell you that is one character I regret not being able to explore further.”

Watch the full video below:


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