Regina Carter and Zonnique Pullins stopped by the Essence Fest GU Creator’s House to discuss business tips, self-confidence and navigating the world of fame as young women.

Social media has turned a handful of creators into overnight successes and has helped them secure the roles of being an “it girl” or viral sensation. Pullins and Carter are no different; with the iconic impact of both of their musical families, they gained a fan base, businesses, music careers and large followings.

When asked what makes someone an “it girl” status, Collins and Carter shared that just being yourself makes you relatable and more enjoyable to viewers.

Pullins spent several years being herself while being a member of the group OMG Girlz. The girl group was not only known for their catchy teen bop anthems but were adored for their colorful outfits, eccentric hairstyles and confidence.

“A girl who is confident in herself. Just [do] whatever you wanna do. Put everything toward your dreams and really just stay consistent with whatever it is you want,” Pullins said, Essence reported.

When it comes to the secret sauce of securing “it girl” success, Carter pulled on a witty analogy, sharing that focusing on your own lane, talents and business will help you achieve your dreams.

“Like they used to say in school: look at your own paper. Just stay in your lane. Don’t look at the other person and feel like they are doing better than you, and you gotta change your whole vibe. Stand your ground,” Carter said.

The ladies closed out their session, revealing social media will mentally cause anxiety and make one feel inadequate in comparison to their peers.

“You don’t have to rush… I feel like in our generation; everybody makes it seem like you have to own a home, buy a car by the time you’re 20. I feel like everybody should take their time. It’s based on what’s best for you,” Pullins said. 

“Keep people out of your business. Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Make sure you have your stuff together before telling your friends. Talk to God,” Carter said.