Regina Hall has been added to the cast of the upcoming Shaft remake.

According to Variety, she will be a former love interest of Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft and the mother of Jessie T. Usher’s younger Shaft.

She also joins Richard Rountree, who is reprising his role as the original Shaft, and Alexandra Shipp who is the love interest of Usher’s Shaft.

The film “follows Usher, a nerdy FBI agent who, after his friend dies under suspicious circumstances, launches his own investigation, reluctantly enlisting help from his estranged father — the legendary, stuck-in-the-’80s-but-still-cool John Shaft.”

It is a part of a groundbreaking Netflix deal, with the streaming giant paying “more than half the film’s high $30 million budget, in exchange for international rights and the ability to put the film on its streaming outside the U.S. two weeks after New Line releases theatrically in the United States.” This model could set a standard for “urban-themed” releases (READ: black) that don’t do well as well overseas. This is important because Netflix international audiences will be able to hop on this not too soon after it is hot in the U.S.

It is set to premiere on June 14, 2019.