In our latest Rewind The Scene installment, Jezebel writer, director and co-star Numa Perrier and lead actress Tiffany Tenille break down “The Wig Scene” from the film, now playing on Netflix.

Perrier said the moment in “The Wig Scene,” where Jezebel (Tenille) and her sister Sabrina (Perrier) share in each other’s grief over their mother, was based on a real event in her life.

“[The scene is] a moment that really happened between me and my sister,” she said. “It was the first time that I ever saw my sister, who is so strong to me and such an anchor in my life, it’s the first time that I ever saw her cry and the first time that I actually felt comfortable crying in front of her because I did look at her as being so strong.”

Tenille described how she felt when she first read the scene, especially after seeing that nudity might be involved.

“I remember being filled up with so much trepidation, like, this is my first role and I gotta do nudity already!” she said. “I didn’t know it was a true story, so I, you know, was kinda judging it. I’m not gonna lie, ’cause I didn’t know even what I was reading…I’m so happy my initial reaction was my last judgment of these people.”

Tenille mentioned how Perrier allowed the film to not show any nudity, which made the film more creative to shoot in order to achieve the same level of eroticism without seeing skin.

“I applaud her for her bravery because there were people who she talked to who basically were saying, ‘Where’s the nudity? Why [is there] no nudity?’ And she’d stand her ground and say ‘we don’t need it. That’s not what this is about,'” said Tenille.

Hear more about the making of this scene, including why playing her sister was “a role of a lifetime” for Perrier, in the video below.


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