Recently, Porsha Williams took to Instagram live to clear up some confusion she says came about following an article reported in Vulture. The article mentions an argument that was never aired during season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta between Williams and Kandi Burruss

Per Williams, the women had words over their involvement in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Williams doesn’t deny using her power at Bravo by requesting that the scene not air. She says she did so because she didn’t want any negativity surrounding their activism during such tough times in the country. Williams also noted that she and Burruss cleared the air.

But Burruss says she’s confused by Williams speaking out about the scene and giving any context as it never made it on air. The Jasmine Brand reports Burruss saying:

“As far as I knew we were cool when we left the reunion, and then this article came up, now I guess she’s on social media. So I have no idea to be honest, what the point was that she was trying to make. I’m confused to be honest.”

Burruss continued: “I guess [it didn’t catch me by surprise]. The article talked about a scene that was deleted – that was not used in the show. Obviously, there were things in that scene that were not a positive look in her eyes. With that being said, she wasn’t happy about it then, and of course, she’s not happy about it being discussed now. So, I don’t really know what to say about all of it.”

During her Instagram live, Williams says her longtime frenemy Kenya Moore has been working behind the scenes to bring the alleged dramatic scene between Williams and Burruss to light. Moore has spoken in criticism of Williams’ activism, believing she’s doing so for a storyline. During her appearance on Burruss’ YouTube show Speak On It, Moore did reference the scene that didn’t air, explaining that Williams wants to be the face of the Black Lives Matter Movement on the show.