The Real Housewives of Miami series debuted on Bravo in 2011 and was an instant hit. The Miami luxury and flair were hard not to get lost in. Furthermore, the cast and the drama made it compete as equally as the other franchises. But after three seasons, the show stalled. Fans however refused to let it go and the network promised that the show would return. It finally did, but this time on the the NBCU streamer, Peacock (Bravo is also in the NBCU family). And there are some new and more colorful faces.

New housewife Guerdy Abraira and friend of the housewives Kiki Barth are proving that Black girls are doing it big in Miami. Both are natives of Haiti and are living the American dream in their own right, determined to show little girls who look like them that anything is possible. 

Abraira is an interior designer and luxury event planner, who mingles with Miami’s elite. She’s been married for 26 years to her high school sweetheart and firefighter husband and is the mother of two boys.

Barth is a close friend of Abraira. The tall beauty has been living in Miami for a decade and has modeled internationally. She’s also huge on the charity scene. Both jumped at the opportunity to return and feel the show is a necessary part of the brand due to what Maimi represents. 

“I think that Miami is a melting pot and so I think that it was inevitable that it was going to come back,” Abraira told Shadow and Act in a recent interview. Barth agrees, adding, “The diversity is a big pull and I think people cannot wait to see how it plays out.”

The one thing that’s most important for the two friends to showcase on the show is representation. “Being from Haiti, for me to be here living the American dream, I’m really hoping that the next little girls from my country or in general can look up and say, ‘Oh if Kiki can do it, then so can I,’” Barth said. 

The one thing that Barth and Abraira are committed to is ensuring their friendship stays on track. Abraira says it was interesting taking their close-knit twosome into an ensemble and seeing how the dynamics changed. But they remain intact. 

Check out the full interview with Barth and Abaira where they discuss the drama on the show, avoiding stereotypes, and how Abraira plans to avoid the “reality TV curse” within her marriage.

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