Fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac have watched Ashley Darby’s journey to motherhood. Since the show’s inception, Darby’s desire to start a family was clear. Fast forward to Season 6 and Darby is a proud mother of two baby boys, Dean and Dylan. Her two boys are a little under two years apart.

Though Darby hasn’t been a mother for too long, that’s not stopping her from sharing her stance on a controversial subject: spanking. In a recent Instagram live, Darby addresses feedback she’s received from fans regarding sharing her stance on why she’s against spanking. While she says the support has been overwhelming, she has received some backlash. But Darby isn’t backing down.

For starters, Darby says there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the notion that spanking has long-term negative effects on children into their adulthood.

“For those of you who are continuing to stand by, believing and perpetuating the idea that showing physical pain is showing love, which is just so counterintuitive and backward if you think about it, I encourage you to do some research,” she said, as reported by Essence. “Look into the extensive research that has been done about children’s development and the negative ramifications later in life.”

Darby continues, pointing out that adults aren’t punished by physical harm – therefore, children shouldn’t be either.

“I don’t know why it’s OK to pluck, hit and whip children, but yet that’s not ok to do to adults,” she said. “Are you really saying that the only way that you can help a child learn to do the right thing and to be moral is inflicting pain on them? No!” she said. “That’s wrong and you are minimizing and you are completely missing just how intelligent children are and how the brain actually works.”

Darby shares the link between children who were physically abused to later abusing others in the form of rape, murder, and other forms of torture. She ended her live by explaining her belief that spanking is a cop-out and typically done out of frustration. Darby says there are other productive methods to disciplining children, which parents need to take into consideration.