When newcomer Wendy Osefo made her introduction on The Real Housewives of Potomac she made it known that she’s a proud Nigerian-American overachiever with four college degrees. The married mother of two earns a living as a professor at Johns Hopkins University and a political commentator on the side. She’ll snappily tell a co-host to address her as “Dr. Wendy” when she feels her educational accomplishments are slighted.

Osefo came in as a friend of Candiace Dillard Bassett, whom Dillard Bassett coins as the “epitome of Black girl magic.” But Karen Huger has been less than impressed. Apparently, Huger is pulling a Mariah Carey “I don’t know her” when it comes to Dr. Wendy. Huger claims she knows Osefo in passing, while Osefo is calling Huger’s bluff. Osefo says she and Huger know each other well through the non-profit social sector as they served on the same board of directors for a few years. Huger says she’s exaggerating.

Their interactions have been tense. Osefo has made snide remarks about Huger’s sex life or lack thereof due to her believing Huger is old. Huger has called Osefo a “freelance political commentator” for CNN. But what has Dr. Wendy most upset is Huger referring to her as ignorant. 

The ignorant comment came when Osefo inserted herself into a conversation between Huger and Dillard Bassett about Huger’s loyalty to Monique Samuels. Osefo claims Huger doesn’t hold Samuels accountable, to which Huger responded, “For a very educated woman, you sound very ignorant right now.”

During Sunday night’s episode, Osefo confronted Huger about the ignorant comment, reminding Huger that she holds four degrees, including a PhD, while Huger holds not one.

Huger snapped back with a read, telling Osefo that while she does not have a degree, she has common sense, something that she believes Osefo lacks. Huger also made sure to note that she is her own boss as an entrepreneur, while Osefo punches clocks at work.

Fans seem to agree solely with Huger.

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Photo: NBCU via Getty Images