Season 5 of RHOP is the most dramatic season yet. The divide amongst the cast since the drag-out fight between Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels has yet to be resolved and will be a major part of the conversation at the reunion.

Bravo released the one minute and 30-second first-look trailer and no one is more prepared for this year’s reunion than Samuels. Following a rollercoaster season of trying to piece her life back together after nearly pulling Dillard Bassett’s wig off, Samuels is confronting her co-stars with a binder full of receipts. The book is equipped with tags for each of her co-stars as is rumored to expose what she calls the plot to destroy her marriage and have her fired from the show and she names Gizelle Bryant as the ring leader.

Huger and Bryant go toe-to-toe as they have all season long, with Huger hilariously blasting Bryant’s fashion choices. The big subject of contention of course involves the fight between Dillard Bassett and Samuels and how Dillard Bassett expected the women to choose her side. Darby and Huger’s reluctance to do so brings Dillard Bassett to tears once again and she’s seen in her dressing room having to be consoled by her husband.

As far as Huger and Osefo’s feud, from the looks of the trailer, Bryant accused Huger of trying to have Osefo fired.

The Darbys unconventional relationship is also front and center. Michael admits to drunkenly spending the night with another woman this season, but Ashley’s co-star’s aren’t buying it. Dillard Bassett alludes to knowing more about Michael’s reported sexual affairs.

The shocker of the trailer involves Samuels’ husband Chris, who at one point Andy Cohen has to ask to sit down as he is overcome with emotion while addressing the ladies in their alleged part of trying to destroy his family. 

The Samuels’ accuse Bryant of orchestrating a fake storyline involving Monique’s alleged affair with her personal trainer that resulted in a pregnancy. Chris is visibly furious and demands the women, mainly Bryant, take responsibility. 

“If we don’t get to owning up to this it’s gonna be some real mess up on the stage,” Chris says while on stage alongside his wife. “Hurt people hurt people,” he says as the trailer comes to an end. “Go get some help.”

Part one of the reunion airs Sunday, December 13 on Bravo at 9 pm EST. Take a look at the trailer below: 

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