In a piece published on September 22 on Yahoo’s movie blog, "X-Men" Writer Simon Kinberg answered fan questions about the recent "Days of Future Past," as well as the next installment in the franchise, "Apocalypse." And one of the key items he revealed that I thought was worth sharing here, is that, assuming "first-wave" characters like Storm (as played by Halle Berry thus far) do appear in the next film, "Apocalypse," they would have to be recast. 

"It’d be very hard to do, because Halle, Famke, and Jimmy and others have done such wonderful jobs of bringing those characters to life," said Kinberg. "But I also would have said before ‘First Class’ that there would be no actors who can stand alongside Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart."

Part of the uncertainty here on whether those characters will return for the forthcoming Apocalypse," is that the film will focus mostly on the generation of X-Men introduced in "X-Men: First Class" – essentially, younger versions of Mystique (as played by Jennifer Lawrence), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy). 

So "Apocalypse" will essentially be a continuation to the "past" in "Days of Future Past," said Kinberg.

The piece then goes on to add: "Also likely not to be back in the franchise for a while: First-wave characters like Storm, who was played by Halle Berry in 2000’s ‘X-Men,’ but who’s yet to appear in the "past" timeline. Because ‘Apocalypse’ takes place twenty years before the first ‘X-Men’ film, if a character such as Storm — or, for that matter, James Mardsen’s Cyclops or Famke Jannsen’s Jean Grey — were to appear in the next film, they’d likely have to be replaced by younger actors."

I know that many of you have hoped that Storm would be recast in past films, for one reason or another. So, assuming she does eventually show up in later X-Men films, whether in the "past" or "future," she’ll very likely be played by someone else. I believe Halle Berry herself hasn’t been too keen on continuing to play the character anyway, so maybe, inevitably, all sides will get what exactly they want.

I should also note that Hugh Jackman recently said that, after the next Wolverine movie, which is set for a 2017 release, he’d likely retire from playing the character, and a younger actor would have to take over… inevitably.  

So assuming Storm would eventually return for future X-Men movies, who would you like to see play the character, whether in the "past" as a youngster, or the older version, as played by Halle Berry, or both?

"X-Men: Apocalypse" is set for a 2016 release."