It’s a reasonably safe bet that you’re at least vaguely familiar with some Instagram influencers and popular TikTokers, but what about Twitch streamers? In discussions of mainstream social media, it often appears that Twitch doesn’t garner the same attention as other platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

However, despite this arguable mainstream oversight, Twitch is a bustling community filled with hardworking content creators. To help alleviate this issue and shout out Black creators, here are seven successful Black Twitch streamers to put on your radar.

Kai Cenat

We’re kicking off our list with Kai Cenat, a streamer with over 1 million followers. Most of his content is focused on his real-life antics with others, such as one dubbed “THE BIGGEST SLUMBER PARTY EVER!” and another titled “YOOOO GANGY.”

However, Kai Cenat also has gaming and reaction-based content on his platform, giving him a multifaceted and well-rounded channel that appeals to different audiences.


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Musicman1017, like most Twitch creators, focuses on gaming content—though he gives it his own, music producer-y twist. He has specifically positioned his channel at the intersection of Minecraft and music, and the vast majority of his videos fall within his popular “Coffee, Music, and Minecraft” series.

This creator definitely proves that, while there may be countless gaming streamers by this point, there’s always room for originality.


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Keeyuh, the self-proclaimed “Loud Mouth Gamer,” is all about promoting laughter and enjoyment on her gaming channel. This creator is arguably most well known for her entertaining Sims-based content, though she also streams other games and real-life videos—including a gender reveal video for her then-unborn baby.

Keeyuh’s personality definitely adds another layer to her already-enjoyable gaming streams.


Blizzb3ar is a queer Black streamer who uses his platform to both game and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

In an area oversaturated by white heterosexuals, Blizzb3ar uses his voice to make the platform a safe space for all. With over 25K followers and a consistent upload schedule, this streamer seems to have formed a solid, affirming community on the platform.


BigBossBoze is a Twitch creator who focuses on true crime as opposed to gaming content, and it has truly paid off for this innovator.

For those who feel as if they’ve already run through Spotify and YouTube’s true crime channels, BigBossBoze can be a refreshing change. Who knows—maybe she’s even covered a story or two that you haven’t heard of yet!


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As you can tell by the name, yourragegaming is another creator with video game content, though his channel has much more to offer. His game streams are intermixed with reactions to different online videos, proving entertainment with different types of commentary.

Those looking for a multifaceted viewing experience will surely find what they’re looking for with this streamer.


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For those with interests in cosplaying (i.e., dressing up as a fictional media character) or general fashion, KieraPleaze is the Twitch streamer for you. Her content encompasses cosplay, vlogging, gaming, and reviews, making KieraPleaze’s channel a whole experience.

Whether you gravitate toward her fashions, her vlogs, or her actual gaming content, KieraPleaze is a creator with tons of appeal.


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Do you recognize any of the names from this list? If not, be sure to check them out on Twitch!