Twenty years after its debut, the Nickelodeon show Taina still holds a stronghold in the hearts of many millennials.

Starring Christina Vidal, the sitcom revolved around the titular character, a young teenager with aspirations of becoming a singer and actress, while attending a performing arts school in New York City. Despite its impact, Taina was canceled after two seasons.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Vidal revealed that her recording deal with MCA was the likely reason that show got canceled because of a conflict of interest.

“They didn’t really say anything … just that they’d replace it with a show about Master P and his son, Vidal said to the publcation. “But I think it had something to do with me getting a record deal.” 

However, Vidal’s deal with MCA didn’t fully materialize. Vidal further revealed that was approached to be the lead singer of the girl group The Pussycat Dolls, but declined.

 “They wanted to make me a star. But a year later, the whole company got shut down and bought by some other company,” she explained. “The president of that company sat down with me and asked if I wanted to be the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. I was like, “So you want me to dress up in lingerie and sing these songs?” I wanted to be a solo artist, but they ultimately shelved my album.”

Vidal also revealed that her management team’s refusal to overwork her frustrated Nickelodeon.

“And, just not doing everything they wanted me to do. I wasn’t new to the business then — I was 20. I had a lawyer, I had people around me who knew my rights. This was a time when they had kids do a whole bunch of stuff without having any rights.”

This isn’t the first time that Vidal has spoken about the ending of Taina. Back in 2021, she had this to say about the cancellation. “I was just partying, I was late at times – sometimes unprepared,” she said to Entertainment Tonight. “My attitude wasn’t great, I was exhausted and I was a kid trying to be responsible at work, but also being a teenager and going through normal teenager things.”

Taina isn’t available for streaming at the moment, but fans have been hoping that episodes of the show may one day turn up on the ViacomCBS-owned streamer, Paramount+.