Tamar Braxton’s rise to fame is courtesy of fans falling in love with her vivacious personality on Braxton Family Values. For seven seasons, the youngest Braxton sibling made fans laugh with her witty shade and witnessed her finally achieve the musical success she insisted she was destined for. 

But after several seasons, Braxton began complaining about unfair editing courtesy of WE Tv, believing she was made to look like the villain amongst her sibling group. In July 2020, Braxton attempted suicide following the release of her second spinoff trailer Get Ya Life and her allegation that the network would not let her out of her contract. 

Braxton has since vowed to fight for the rights of reality television stars while promising to never expose her own personal life on the platform moving forward. This is why fans are questioning why the ‘Love & War’ singer is returning to reality television, but this time hosting the Baddies ATL reunion. She’s hosting alongside Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee.

Baddies ATL stars several of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club favorites, including Natalie Nunn, Tanisha Thomas, Sarah Oliver, Meghan James, Christina Salgado, Judi Jackson, Janelle Shanks, Seven Craft, and reality star Sidney Starr. The show initially began airing on Zeus Network, a streaming platform, in May.

Fans are noting that the show feeds into negative stereotypes of Black women on reality television, something Braxton has previously said she’d stay away from. But she’s defending her participation. 

“Quick question @tamarbraxtonher you are hosting the Baddies ATL reunion for what exactly? Isn’t this the Same reality tv that almost killed you???? let’s chat,” one fan asked Braxton on Twitter, as reported by Atlanta Black Star.

But Braxton says she’s in good company, telling the fan, “While I know you are not worth the response because clearly, you haven’t done your homework… to answer your dumb question… NO!..all the greats have hosted #1 reality reunion shows. @wendywilliams@lalaanthony @kevinfrashier etc.. get ready for more.”

Williams famously hosted seasons 1 and 2 reunions for Braxton Family Values

Some fans are coming to Braxton’s defense, noting that Braxton said she wasn’t stopping reality television fully, she just wouldn’t expose her own life in the way she has previously. 

“Hosting a show and being PART OF A CAST is two different things boo,” one fan commented.

Braxton has promised to continue bringing good television, working behind the scenes to do so. She’s also gearing up to participate in the VH1 reboot of The Surreal Life.