Directed by Lisbon Okafor, Ten-Cent Daisy (A Lost Mermaid Tale) follows three sisters Orchid, Violet and Daisy, the mermaid who all run away from their small Caribbean fishing village after Daisy is assaulted by the local pastor. Their mother, Iris confesses to the pastor’s murder so that the girls can start fresh in America. Twelve years later, the sisters lose ties and after learning that Iris has been released from prison, return home to save her. The return, however, isn’t without obstacles.

Ten-Cent Daisy has evolved over the last fifteen years. It started when I visited Grenada with my wife in 2001. I learned of a local girl ostracized by her family and community for her “peculiarities.” No one would say what these peculiarities were, except she was different enough to warrant a collective shun from the village. Her story reminded me of a similar situation in my own village in eastern Nigeria,” said Okafor. “A young girl with Down syndrome was teased and humiliated as a child out of sheer ignorance regarding her condition. The tendency to treat people we don’t know or understand differently is all too common, and deserves to be exposed again and again in all artistic expressions. However, my medium of choice, cinema, calls for much more than passion to bring any subject to life. And so my story has evolved over time to encompass my immigrant experience and my greatest passion of all, fatherhood.”

Ten-Cent Daisy stars The Dope Soprano, Lauren Michelle in her first feature film role, as Daisy. Other cast members include Dionne Audain, Ameenah Kaplan, Margaret Kemp, Obinna Okafor, Jamal Ademola, Gordon Greene, Zack Gold, Lavell Hood, Don Williams, and Jon Lindstrom.

Ten-Cent Daisy is currently raising funds for post-production on Kickstarter. For more information, please visit the official website.