Random Acts of Flyness creator Terence Nance’s 2018 multimedia project, “White People Won’t Save You,” has a new resonance in America, which is still reeling from the murder of George Floyd.

The project, “White People Won’t Save You,” features clips from white savior movies and TV shows Green Book, The Vampire Diaries, Amistad, Avatar, Game of ThronesTo Kill a Mockingbird, Django Unchained, The Help, 42The Blindside and more, all while a haunting chorus of people singing “White People Won’t Save You” plays throughout.

The “Who Are We?” section of the site explains that Nance provides “specialized consulting services for feature film and television productions.”

While speaking to Colorlines in 2018, Nance said he came up with the idea after talking with his fellow creatives at his production company MVMT. Also a part of the project are composer Emile Mosseri and Nance’s brother Djoré.

Nance told Colorlines that the scenes included in the project play “ad infinitum,” with scenes from new films to be added to the project through its “algorithmic” nature. Nance said that the project is “not giong to end unless people stop making white savior movies and TV shows.”

You can view the project at whitepeoplewontsaveyou.org.



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Photo: Terence Nance

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