Remember that Deadpool 2 trailer that featured Deadpool assembling the X-Force? Apparently, that trailer was all a big joke, according to Terry Crews.

Crews appears in Deadpool 2 as Bedlam, one of the members of Deadpool’s newly established team. However, Crews and the other members of the X-Force meet untimely ends almost as quickly as they’re introduced. It’s during the skydiving scene–a scene played up in the trailer–when things go wrong.

“Everything that we shot that isn’t in the movie was done to fool everybody to think that me and the other members of the X-Force were going to be in the movie the whole time,” he told The Wrap. “When I was first onscreen the audience went crazy, and I just felt so bad because it’s basically a giant practical joke. So I’m just bracing for it and then we jump out of the plane and our parachutes start going wild, gradually you notice the audience can tell something is wrong. As we died one by one I could feel in the audience people realizing that this isn’t the start of X-Force they they thought they were getting. There was just this audible gasp.”

If it’s any consolation, Bedlam doesn’t die by parachute malfunction; instead, he dies by getting run over by a bus. At least he was already on the ground. But seriously, one real consolation is that Crews is open to any future roles Marvel might have for him, so hopefully, Marvel will give Crews a role that will survive over the course of a franchise rather than just as a practical joke in one film.