At the end of May, I featured a fundraising campaign for the digital magazine, which sought 3,000 € ($3,300). Not only was the campaign goal reached, it was surpassed! And now what was to be the next issue of Awotele magazine (the 4th edition) is now available online for you to read, for FREE!

Awotele is a Pan African digital review on African cinema, broadly speaking, featuring contributions from writers around the world, covering films and filmmakers of note, as well as addressing industry trends, and more, each piece serving as a critical eye that values African film, written in both French and English, which is obviously a wonderful thing!

Created in February 2015, the magazine is coordinated by film journalists working in various newspapers, most of them members of the African Federation of Film Critics (FAAC).

Each issue is published digitally during the three major film festivals of the continent: The Pan African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO, Burkina Faso), the Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), and the Carthage Film Festival (Tunisia).

Included in the just-released new issue is a focus on whether English-speaking African filmmakers can succeed in the French-speaking world, and vice-versa; a look at how evolving technologies are affecting film production and distribution across the content; and a look back at the last Carthage Film Festival which took place in the fall of 2015.

So dig in; read the current issue of Awotele magazine here. It’s on my weekend reading list, and hopefully it’ll inspire some writing for next week after I’m done.

The issue is being released to mark the 2016 Durban International Film Festival, which kicked off yesterday, and runs through the 26th of June.