The saga continues. Matt James and Rachel Kirkconnell are once again back in the headlines with their relationship. This time, the couple is responding to a tweet from The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss.

Over the weekend James and Kirkconnell 24 attended sports entertainment’s biggest night, The ESPY Awards. Fleiss tweeted a picture of James next Kirkconnell on the red carpet.

He captioned the pic, “Matt James and Rachel Kirkconnell come out of hiding at Espy Awards”. TMZ had reported the couple as “finally going public with their relationship.”

James responded with a picture of he and Kirkconnell head tilted with glasses low and the caption “Ain’t nobody hiding ”.

….and James has said a lot of questionable stuff but…he’s right!

James and Kirkconnell have been anything but in hiding. News broke earlier this year that Kirkconnell, then a contestant vying for the love of the first Black male lead in franchise history, had an unsavory past when it comes to race, specifically attending an Antebellum-themed party in co

The couple split after her past surfaced and from there, things became pretty interesting.

Chris Harrison caught flack for defending Kirkconnell. Harrison took time away from the franchise, eventually permanently departing with a multi-million dollar severance package.

Though Kirkconnell and James were no longer together, weeks later, Kirkconnell was spotted in New York with James before being spotted again with James in LA at the Dodgers game.

Soon after, news broke that the pair have rekindled their romance and here we are.