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Here’s a tease of one of them in the video below.

It’s been more than two decades since the hit sitcom "A Different World," the first television show about campus life at a historically black college, went off the air. Now, Oprah reunites members of the beloved cast and discovers how the show has impacted its audience.

To this day, Cree Summer, the actress who played Winifred "Freddie" Brooks, says she hears from fans who credit "A Different World" for inspiring them to go to college.

Jasmine Guy – best known as Southern belle Whitley Gilbert – says Bill Cosby, the show’s creator, is the one to thank for the positive impact. "That’s the genius of Dr. Cosby," Jasmine says. "He understood the power of the medium, and so he chose a setting that would influence people, as well as make them laugh."

And Sinbad, the comedian cast as Coach Walter Oakes, describes what he says was a typical interaction with Bill Cosby, whom he compares the Yoda. 

I recall Debbie Allen pushing for a potential revival of the series a couple of years ago. No word on if anything came of that.

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