It’s been a decade since the hit show Girlfriends stopped airing. The popular show, which starred Tracee Ellis Ross, Persia White, Golden Brooks and Jill Marie-Jones, has become a fan favoriteDespite being off the air, that hasn’t stopped one of its leading ladies from dropping hints about a much-needed reunion between the four actresses.

During a new interview with The Breakfast Club,  actress Jill Marie-Jones aka Toni Childs spilled some tea regarding whether there could be a Girlfriends movie in the future.

“We all want to do it,” she said. ” I think it’s a timing thing and also the legal stuff. When you sell a script you don’t actually own it anymore so whatever CBS and Paramount want to do.”

Jones mentioned news of a possible Girlfriends reunion while promoting her new show Monogamy with fellow co-stars Blue Kimble, Brian White and Vanessa Simmons. Check out the rest of her interview below.