The Chis midseason finale is one for the books, so buckle up. 

In early August, eager fans welcomed the series back as it hit the ground running for season 6.

The coming-of-age drama series continues to center around a group of people living on the South Side of Chicago, particularly honing in on the brotherhood among Kevin Williams (Alex Hibbert), Jake Taylor (Michael Epps), and Stanley “Papa” Jackson (Shamon Brown Jr.).

Now, as one of those characters prepares to depart the show, the director of the midseason finale, Rashaad Ernesto Green is opening up about the emotional journey that led to this moment.

“We’ve seen these actors and these characters grow up throughout the show,” Green told Blavity’s Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “Losing a character from a series is often like losing a member of your own family. But, you know, that there are greener pastures and that they’re leaving for a reason, and such is the case with Kevin…where we feel like his character arc has come to full fruition and he’s looking forward towards the future and we wish him well with that.”

Previously, ahead of the premiere of the latest season of The Chi, Jason Weaver, who portrays Rahsaad “Shaad” Marshall, told us that “all of the characters in this season are determined to go somewhere.”

“I agree 100 percent with Jason,” said Green. “All of the characters have dreams and goals and they’re all working toward that. With Kevin especially, I think, we, not only as the director and the writers behind his send-off, but also the characters within the show are very, very supportive of Kevin’s dreams and his aspirations.”

“As we try to portray these moments that are reflective of our own communities, when we grow up with someone that we have bonds with, it’s really hard to let them go, but when there’s a real love there and support, we always want them to do what’s best for them in their life pand] in their future, even though this part of us knows they’ll always carry a part of home with them wherever they go,” Green explained.

While Kevin’s character will now forever live in the memories of The Chi fans across the nation, Green admits that Hibbert’s portrayal of him will forever be something special to not only himself but the entire cast and crew of the series.

“I worked with Alex a number of times when he was younger and now, here he is this young man, and it was just wonderful to be a part of it,” he recalled. “After shooting certain scenes there were lots of hugs and lots of tears and lots of cupcakes and delicious treats from various cast and crew to just enjoy that moment. He’s been such a vital part of the family. It was wonderful and I’m honored to have been the director to have that final moment with Alex.”

The midseason finale of season 6 of The Chi is now available for streaming on Paramount+ with Showtime and will premiere on-air this Sunday on Showtime’s linear channel.