Kari Skogland is the helmer of all six episodes for Disney+’s latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The second episode is out and fans are buzzing about theories and where they think the show is headed.

Ahead of the series’ premiere, Shadow and Act spoke to Skogland about what to expect from the series, if it was more like a movie or television series, potential easter eggs and more.

“From the beginning, we said we were making a movie, so it never was so-called television, but I don’t really differentiate between television and movies,” she told us. “I think the bar is very high in television [and] certainly the work I do is straightaway from that sort of episodic/procedural kind of what was traditional television. So I always look at it all the same. Whether it’s on a big screen [or] a small-screen, I don’t really differentiate. The goal was to bring the MCU experience [and] the big screen experience [to television]. So not to say that we were dumbing it down or we were making it smaller, it [was] all just one big screen in terms of the experience of it or what our goal was…to make it very experiential.”

The director also likened a movie to a snack and the series to a meal. “Six hours to be with these characters….obviously, there’s going to be some fabulous action sequences as they are dealing with threats to the world, whatever those might be, but we also get to know the characters and get to understand what they do in their personal lives [and] what’s driving them,” she explained. “This is something new for everybody in the Marvel universe and for the fans.”

We also talked to Skogland about the response to WandaVision and how fans may have gotten a little bit carried away. She said that fans should definitely expect easter eggs like in that series and “lots to talk about at the end of each week.”

On fan reception, she said, “It’s daunting because you want to please the fans on the one hand, but on the other hand, you’re trying to keep it fresh and unexpected. Of course, there’s going to be Easter eggs, [but different than] WandaVision because it’s a very different story. So the nature of [the] Easter eggs will be different. Now that’s not to say that there won’t be a lot of speculation about what they mean or don’t mean, but what I can say is that whatever it is you do expect…[it] won’t happen. [laughs]. There are big dives and twists and turns in the series. So that hopefully [means] there’ll be lots of talk about it at the end of each week.”

Watch the full interview below: