Chris Pratt knows exactly what kind of lazy day he wants.

Pratt talked about the his perfect lazy day with Sharronda Williams to promote his upcoming animated film, The Garfield Movie.

“First of all, the perfect lazy day, I wouldn’t sleep in. I would wake up early to enjoy and be present to the laziness…I’ll get my kids to pile up and we’ll light a fire, maybe listen to some music for a while. I get fed–I get brought food and I eat all that food and I barely get up [and] slowly make my way down for lunch and then I get fed again,” he said. “And then we’re going to watch some TV [and] we’re going to kick our feet up. The foot nanny’s coming, I’m going to get my toes done, I’m going to get totally pampered, primped…I’m going to get some massaging in there, I’m going to have some oils rubbed into my skin, by the end I’ll be glowing and I’ll finally be ready for bed.”

If you know the character well, you’ll know that Garfield is all about comfort and hates having to get out of his bed (especially if it’s Monday). But sometimes Garfield needs to be challenged. Pratt talked about how his own personal comfort zone has changed throughout his life and how challenging himself has gotten him to do different things in his career.

“I was on Parks and Rec for a long time and that became my comfort zone. It was just the clown I had been working on my whole life and by the grace of God I was able to put that on screen and get paid for it, and it was amazing,” he said. “And in the summers, I did these films that were a little more physical, and I had to get uncomfortable to get there–I had to lose weight, I had to get in shape. Those were films that pushed me into a new zone that at the time was uncomfortable but now has become my new comfort zone, so it’s kind of wild the way things evolve.”

“One day I will go back to my old comfort zone, and that’s with the bell and the food,” he continued, referencing his dream lazy day. “…That’s happening one day soon, just not today.”

Watch the full interview below.

Also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ving Rhames, Hannah Waddingham, Snoop Dogg, Bowen Yang, Janelle James, Nicholas Hoult, Cecily Strong, Harvey Guillén and Brett Goldstein and directed by The Emperor’s New Groove and Cats Don’t Dance director Mark Dindal, The Garfield Movie is in theaters now.