The Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series is ready once again to support Black women filmmakers.

The festival was founded by African Voices magazine and Long Island University’s Media Arts Dept., Brooklyn Campus in 1997. This year during its 22nd anniversary, the festival’s theme is #IGotYourBack: A Time for Holding Space & Healing. Films featured during the festival are “dedicated to looking out for one another; made for and by women.”

The festival will take place from October 19-20 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. The full schedule is listed below.

Day 1: October 19

Section A — 1 pm-2 pm

Love Story, 1 min.

Love Escapes Us, 15 min.

Molly, 15 min.

The New Mother, 12 min.

Lecture Series — 2:05 pm-3:30 pm #IGotYourBack: Holding Space & Healing

Paper Boats, 15 min.

*And Nothing Happened, 16 min.

Backwards God, 6 min.

Ballet After Dark, 17 min.

*Adult content, Parental Discretion Advised.

Section C — 3:35 pm-4:45 pm

Wash Day, 3 min.

Pick, 11 min.

The Jessicas Are Turning 30, 20 min.

Spot: A True Period Piece, 12 min.

Section D— 4:21 pm-5:28 pm

Evaporar, 8 min.

POCCON, 9 min.

Black Girls Guide to Fertility, 14 min.

Souls, 16 min.

Day 2: October 20

Section A— 1 pm-2:07 pm

Our Home Here, 17 min.

The Seal, 16 min.

Detained, 9 min.

Woman at the Well, 15 min.

Section B — 2:15 pm-3:40 pm

The Water Will Carry Us Home, 7 min.

Brooklyn to Benin, 11 min.

Tattoo, 15 min.

The Changing Same, 21 min.

Section C — 4:00 pm-5:35 pm

Closing night film. Guests: TBA.

Skin, 76 min.


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