Season 3 of The Voice contestant Amanda Brown’s sister, Samara Brown, is on this season’s of The Voice.

The singer from the Bronx blew the judges away with her performance of Chaka Khan’s Sweet Thing.

What is even more shocking was Ariana Grande’s failed attempt to execute her block. The “POV” singer attempted to block John Legend, but Legend was a little bit quicker than Grande.

“I tried so hard to block him!” Ariana told Samara as the coaches attempted to persuade the talented singer to choose them. “I hit it 30 times, I was one second too late!”

Legend said, “Sometimes, when the devil’s trying to do his work, the Lord steps in. You killed it…I would love to work with you, as much as someone tried to stop that from happening.”

Samara ended up choosing Legend. “Ariana tried so hard to block me, but she was just a second too late,” John told the cameras after his big win. “My trigger finger’s been extra quick today, because I know the block is coming.”

This personal battle comes after Legend blocked Grande last week landing the Joshua Vacanti. This week, Grande tried, but failed with Samara.

However, Grande would later pay Legend back with the Kentucky native, Holly Forbes. Forbes gave an impressive four-chair turning performance of Elton John’s Rocket Man. When Legend thought the Lord was on his side once more, Grande showed him God loves all his children, including her. Grande was able to successfully block Legend admitting that she barely made it by a millisecond.

“I made it by a millisecond, and I am so happy!” Ariana said after blocking John. John stated that he was happy for Grande, but sarcasm lathered on the sentiments.

Watch Brown’s performance below: