It only takes one apple to ruin the bunch, and unfortunately, Us‘ perfect 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes score has been tainted by a Petty Betty.

Nigel Andrews of the Financial Times decided to stick his two cents into the Us conversation. Giving the film a 2 out of 5, Andrews panned Jordan Peele’s latest film, describing it in the most confusing way possible.

“Us seems merely the sum of the first film’s critical effulent and influent, wish-determining the new movie’s monody of genre and monotony of tone in the name of a specious homogeneity.”

As filmmaker Matthew Cherry tweeted, “What is this supposed to even mean?” We don’t know and aren’t sure anyone does.

Here’s some of what Twitter had to say in response to Cherry’s tweet that put the review on blast.

It would be one thing to hate the film–everyone’s entitled to their opinions. But at least make the review make sense. Use smaller words if you have to, but be coherent.

A day after Andrews’ review ruined the Rotten Tomatoes rating, Orlando Weekly‘s Kiko Martinez also added his negative review to Rotten Tomatoes. He writes, “The ambiguous makeup of Peele’s sweeping ideas-as much as it allows audiences to explore and interpret multiple themes on their own…feels excessive and detached at times.”

But to be fair to Martinez, this review is much more balanced and thoughtful, since it seems like Martinez understands what Peele was attempting to do. It just so happened he didn’t particularly like what Peele was serving, and that’s completely valid since it’s his opinion. Even better, he explained himself much more thoroughly, which goes far when trying to present your argument.

Us opens nationwide March 22.


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