A TikToker who goes by Duane Cali has landed in hot water, as his monkeypox diagnosis didn’t stop him from taking his pock-ridden self to McDonald’s.

Cali uploaded the video earlier this week, and it shows him casually drinking a McDonald’s beverage in his car, suggesting that he had just gone through the drive-thru.

“What’s good, y’all? My bad, I’m not in the house. I had to go make a McDonald’s run ’cause I ain’t got no groceries. I ain’t got no food,” he says in the upload.

Once that disclaimer was out of the way, he issued a brief PSA, encouraging people to look out for themselves and not contract monkeypox.

“I just wanted to make this video to remind y’all to be careful who you f**k with,” he proclaims. “Because not everybody who you f**k with is gonna f***k with you.”

“Not everybody you look out for is gonna look out for you. S**t, you might show up for the wrong motherfucker at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up with the fucking monkeypox,” he continues, implying that he knows who gave him the virus. “And then who gon’ be there to look out for you? Nobody. So, at the end of the day, just choose yourself.”

While he ends the video by encouraging people to watch their backs for monkeypox, many viewers just couldn’t get past the fact that — in the era of Uber Eats, Door Dash, Instacart and other contactless good delivery services — someone would knowingly put others at risk of contracting the disease.

“Omg why would u do this,” one commentor asks the TikToker.

“This dude clearly does not care about anyone but himself!!! sad! sad! shame on you!” another user writes.

It’s also worth adding that Duane Cali actually went on to respond to these two comments in a series of follow-up videos.

“All I wanted to do was spread a little bit of positive energy. I’m now in my house, I’m bored. So, y’all can stop trippin’ and leave me alone,” he said in one TikTok.

@duanecali Replying to @craigbaskin01 ♬ original sound – Duane Cali

“I literally care about everyone and have love for everyone, and I apologize that this is bothering you all. But I didn’t mean to harm anyone. So, please forgive me,” the creator adds in another upload.

Notably, he was particularly sassy in his response to a user who wrote that they were going to call the police, as his response video showed him drinking from a Burger King cup in his car, which only prompted further backlash.

His following few videos showed him chillin’ in bed, though he wasn’t apologetic about leaving his house for fast food.

@duanecali Replying to @fyihutao I NEED PEACE I THINK ABOUT OTHERS ALLLLLL THE TIME BUT IF I NEED TO EAT IM GOING TO EAT. I DONT HAVE TO STAY IN THE HOUSE JUST CAUSE YALL WANT ME TO. IM HUMAN TOO. #chillout #itsnotthatserious #calmdown #getoverit #fyp #uk #africa #asia #discovery #leavemealone #monkeypox #😒 ♬ Choose Yourself – Duane Cali

This situation follows another TikToker taking a different, non-controversial approach to discussing her monkeypox experience through the video-sharing app.

Camille Seaton, a 20-year-old from Georgia, contracted the virus while working as a gas station attendant, and she utilized the opportunity to share her story and educate the masses on the disease by shutting down misinformation, as Blavity previously reported.