Most generations banter over who has the best trends. However, music manager Wack 100 cemented that we don’t get each other.

Wack 100 recently asked for help answering questions regarding topics he’s not versed in. While on the Clubhouse app, people were inquiring about the eccentric trend of rappers painting their nails. Being clueless about responding, Wack admitted asking the “youngsters” online to help him better understand.


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“I’ve been getting this question about the youngsters wearing fingernail polish,” he said. “Me personally, I don’t wear fingernail polish. I’m from a different era. I’m a ’70s baby. I wear one earring, not two. That’s just our thing. So I say, s**t, I gotta ask the youngsters. Cause I know a lot of youngsters, Trippie Redd, NBA [YoungBoy], Lil Uzi [Vert] … I know these men, these men are not feminine, these men are not gay, they’re very masculine, they’re very stand-up individuals,” he continued.

Typically Wack would respond to the questions as best as he could, explaining he isn’t familiar with men wearing nail polish but recalls his younger days when people thought the saggy jeans trend was feminine.

“I say, I don’t know, it’s a different era. When I grew up, n***as was sagging their pants. My parents and uncles was like, ‘What y’all doing with your ass out, n***a? That’s gay. But it wasn’t gay; it was just some trendy s**t we was doing,” he added.

“So now I’m coming to y’all,” he said to his fans on Instagram. “To the youngsters out there, I’m hearing something about emo and all this other s**t. Can y’all leave a comment down below on what the fingernail polish represents? Because some of the youngsters I mentioned that I know, I don’t think it means that [they’re feminine]. I just think it’s another type of movement,” he said.

Clearly, Wack is over being asked about the trend on Clubhouse because he came to the internet for help. His intentional post worked because he did receive a helpful response from a nail polish-wearing artist.

“But I don’t know. They’re asking me this f**king question on Clubhouse, and I ain’t got no answer for it, so I’m not gonna make no assumption about it. So y’all leave a comment below so I can go back and have this conversation,” Wack said.

The “Miss the Rage” artist Trippie Redd, who sports Black nail polish, responded to Wack 100’s Instagram video, commenting, “it’s liberating.”

“It’s a way of expressing ur feelings. Being true to yourself and self-care,” he told Wack 100.

Trends are ever-changing, and although some may not understand a man being masculine while dabbing in eccentric fashions, it doesn’t change the fact that fashion is and always has been self-expression.