Veronica "Pooh" Nash-Poleate
Veronica “Pooh” Nash-Poleate

Some TV news you can use…

— First, TLC has announced the start of production on an eight-episode series, “Miss Pooh to the Rescue” (Working Title), following one of last year’s biggest social media stars, Veronica “Pooh” Nash-Poleate, who, with more than 20 million views of her “Don’t Go in the Shark’s House” video, has solidified her place in viral video history.

A school guidance counselor with degrees in psychology and education, Pooh relishes the online interaction with her “congregation,” but she’s decided it is time to go offline and meet her followers in person. In this new series, TLC follows her “common sense crusade” while she spreads her “Pooh-losophy” mission. Armed with her experience as a counselor and mother, and her “sassy sense of humor,” she’ll start doing house calls – giving advice and spreading love every step of the way.

The series is slated to premiere in November 2016.

The bonafide internet sensation is also joining TLC’s multi-platform destination, TLCme, as its newest vlogger.

Ato Essandoh
Ato Essandoh

— Second, Ato Essandoh has joined the cast of Altered Carbon, Netflix’s futuristic drama series which is based on the Richard Mogan novel of the same name, and is set in a future world where the mind can be digitized and transferred from one human being to another.

Essandoh joins the previously cast Renee Elise Goldsberry in the series which stars Joel Kinnaman. Essandoh has signed up to play Vernon Elliot, an ex-Tactical Marine whose wife was imprisoned and whose daughter was killed. He’s a man with little to live for, save the hope of bringing his family back together. By all accounts, he should be the sworn enemy of Kinnaman’s character, but their proclivity for violence and family draws them together.

Goldsberry will play the leader of the revolution against the established order known as the United Nations Protectorate, which now controls a number of inhabited planets. Described as a master strategist, she’s also the love interest of Kinnaman’s character, a warrior who – after being imprisoned for 500 years – is placed into the very future he fought to prevent.

Chastity Dotson and Kelly Jenrette
Chastity Dotson and Kelly Jenrette

— And third, Chastity Dotson and Kelly Jenrette have both booked recurring roles on Fox’s upcoming baseball drama “Pitch,” which stars Kylie Bunbury as a young pitcher who defies the odds when she becomes the first woman to play in the major leagues.

Dotson will play Janet Baker, first seen at 29, Ginny’s (Bunbury) loving and protective mother.  And Jenrette will play Rhonda, the loyal assistant to Mark Consuelos’ character, the general manager of the Major League Baseball team that’s at the center of the story.

“Pitch” premieres this fall on Fox.