"The Displaced"Rights to The New York Times Magazine cover story "The Displaced," an introduction to the 30 million children of conflict currently on the move around the globe, have been acquired by Killer Content, Inc.

Killer is developing "The Displaced" as a dramatic narrative series for television in partnership with Two Brass Brads, a nonprofit that curates socially relevant media properties, and in association with Illustrious Entertainment. 

The story, first published in The New York Times Magazine on November 5, 2015 in conjunction with The Times’ first virtual reality film, focuses on three children, including Chuol, a 9-year old boy from South Sudan, Oleg, an 11-year old boy from Ukraine and Hana, a 12-year old girl from Syria. Bringing the profound consequences of war-time trauma to life, "The Displaced" for television will pick up where Times reporters left off, providing a fictionalized view of the young victims; how they spend their days when their school, playground, family and friends have been decimated, the stories they tell themselves to try and make sense of it all, and the feelings that fuel their resilience. 

Matt Earl Beesley ("Masters of Sex," "CSI," "Lost") is set to direct with Adrienne Becker for Killer and Rachel Gould for Two Brass Brads to Executive Produce. A pilot writer will be selected in the coming weeks.

Killer and Two Brass Brads will also produce a multifaceted social impact campaign around "The Displaced."

"In television’s contemporary golden age, expectations are high and storytellers must be at the top of their game. With exceptional talent in place and Killer at the wheel, ‘The Displaced’ is as good a starting point as any, addressing a topic of paramount importance at a most crucial time," said Duane McLaughlin of Illustrious Entertainment.

No TV networks are attached to the project at this time.

Below, watch the virtual reality film that accompanied the New York Times’ story: