Social media lingo constantly evolves with new abbreviations and acronyms to keep the commentary short and sweet.

This has even evolved to include emoji, as simply using the baseball cap emoji is often used as a quick way to accuse someone of lying. The eggplant and peach emoji have also infamously been appropriated to represent human anatomy cheekily.

Recently, various people on Twitter have begun hypothesizing how other emojis can be used to send clear, creative messages, sharing examples of how they can contain layers of meaning in specific contexts.

Check out what these crafty social media users came up with down below.

Right of the bat, many people’s hypothetical texts centered on sending messages regarding adult activities.

Humorously, a couple of these sex-focused tweets incorporated food emoji.

One user even managed to use an emoji to both reference sex and express his grievances against the United States’s imperialistic practices.

Segueing away from sex, some pop culture references from projects like Twilight, IT and the song “Replay” by Iyaz also began floating around.

Official Twitter accounts for Jersey Shore and Star Wars proceeded to get in on the fun with some creative tweets of their own.

Popular social media figure Justin LaBoy jumped on the trend with a few posts of his own.


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New ways of using emoji to attack people’s upbringing were also proposed.

Additionally, Twitter users were scrambling to come up with novel ways of letting people know that they’re on the verge of being cut off.

Similarly, people along for the ride shared some creative ways of checking people’s behavior.

Touching on a national hot-button issue, there were also a couple tweets centering on reproductive rights that utilized the baby angel emoji.

Indeed, it appears as though no emoji was safe from this far-reaching trend.

What do you think about this trend, and do you have any hypothetical scenarios you’d add to the repertoire? Let us know down in the comments.