Many folks on social media have critiqued the wigs in Tyler Perry’s first Netflix film, A Fall from Grace. In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Perry and A Fall from Grace’s leading lady Crystal Fox revealed that they engaged in an argument over the wigs for her character.

“We had a knockdown, drag-out argument about the wigs in one of the scenes,” Perry said. “It was very emotional for her.”

Fox also emphasized the importance of hair for Black women. As a woman of color, our hair is part of the journey so it is very, very important. And to some people it is hard to stress that it is that important,” she said.

Perry, who recently earned criticism for revealing that he doesn’t have a writers’ room, said, “As long as you figure it out before it’s time to shoot. I’m good. I don’t have time to wait five hours and spend $10 million to figure out which curl is right for you.”

Watch the full video below:


Tyler Perry And The Cast Of ‘A Fall From Grace’ On The Filmmaker’s First Netflix Movie


Photo: Netflix 

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