The Season 7 premiere of Tyler Perry’s Sistas brought a surprise recast.

The role of Jordan, previously portrayed by Sean Sagar, is now being played by Devin Way. For those unfamiliar, Jordan is the boyfriend of main character Andrea “Andi” Barnes (KJ Smith).

As TVLine reported, the reason for Sagar’s abrupt departure from Sistas was attributed to scheduling conflicts. Sagar currently stars as Special Agent DeShawn Jackson on NCIS: Sydney, which airs on Paramount+.

Sagar immediately took to his Instagram page following the season premiere to address the recasting.

“To all my Sistas family, sorry I can’t be on your screens and be a part of this season! But I just want to say thank you for all the messages and love you’ve shown me. Honestly means more than you know,” Sagar said. “And heyy Who knows what the future holds. Massive thank you to all the squad for making me feel so welcome”.

Sagar proceeded to shout out his former Sistas co-stars, including KJ Smith, Sal Stowers, Branden Wellington, Monti Washington, Novi Brown, as well as show creator Tyler Perry. 

Way is most known for his role in the 2022 reboot of Queer as Folk on Peacock.