Amanirenas & Akinidad (Author of the illustration unknown)
Amanirenas & Akinidad (Author of the illustration unknown)
Amanirenas was a queen of the Kingdom of Kush who reigned from about 40 BCE to 10 BCE. Described as brave, and blind in one eye, she is one of the most famous royals, because of her role leading Kushite armies against the Romans in a war that lasted five years, from 27 BCE to 22 BCE. And now a film on her life just might become a reality courtesy of super producer Will Packer from a pitch by Mark Rosenthal which has been acquired by Universal Pictures.

To be titled “Warrior Queen,” Packer will produce the project via his Will Packer Productions shingle, with head of motion pictures James Lopez.

No other details are public at this time.

Packer continues to load up on intriguing, varied projects for both the big and small screens. Most recently, earlier this year, he teamed up with Kerry Washington’s Simpson Street production company to develop a feature film adaptation of Natalie C. Anderson’s bestselling Kenya-set thriller “City of Saints & Thieves.” He’s also on board with Paulist Productions to develop and produce a miniseries on Joan Little, a black woman whose trial for the 1974 murder of a white prison guard and rapist, at Beaufort County Jail in Washington, North Carolina, drew international attention as cause célèbre of the civil rights, feminist, and anti-death penalty movements. Little was the first woman in United States history to be tried and acquitted with the defense that she had to use deadly force in self-defense against a potential rapist. Also announced this year, Packer has teamed up with Aaron McGruder for what was described as an “alternate universe” series in the mold of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” – the dystopian drama that is loosely based on the 1962 novel of the same name by author Philip K. Dick. The McGruder/Packer project is also set up at Amazon Studios although plot details on the untitled series are currently being kept under wraps, so there’s nothing further to report at this time.

Packer also has “Ride Along 3,” “Girls Trip,” a “Jacob’s Ladder” remake and more on his upcoming slate. So, quite a lot to look forward to. This potential Queen Amanirenas film most certainly excites, especially as we continue to call for screen projects that tackle our (people of African descent) past prior to slavery; the many great African kingdoms and rulers that once existed. Success begets more success.

Deadline was first to report the news on Queen Amanirenas.