Audiences caught on to actress and singer Coco Jones in the Disney Channel original movie Let It Shine and the Netflix movie Vampires vs. The BronxDespite her talents as both a singer and an actress, Coco Jones revealed that she has felt overlooked in Hollywood in a vlog post on YouTube in 2020.

In the vlog, Jones alleged that opportunities such as a Let It Shine sequel and a Disney Channel show were ultimately taken from her because the “powers-that-be” felt she was not “marketable” enough.

“But what I think was the most traumatic thing for me is that if I can just let them see my talent, and then they’ll believe in me,” she said. “But then they would really hear me sing, hear me act, see me dance, and I’m going hard in the paint–I want it–but because somebody else looks a little more marketable, it doesn’t matter baby girl.”

Jones wasn’t in a girl group, but the multi-hyphenate has amassed quite a catalog at just 23 years old.

For those curious how Jones got her start, the Disney alum was featured on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing from 2010 to 2011. In 2012, Jones got her breakout role as Roxie in the Let It Shine. After this, the multitalented entertainer was signed to Hollywood Records.

Jones has also starred as Jayla in the teen drama web series Five Points and as Ava Moore in the adventure comedy-drama film Flock Of Four.