nullIf you spend a lot of time on the web like I do (specifically on video sharing sites like YouTube), you’ve likely come across videos like this – a TV report from 1981, titled "Racial Stereotyping: Inside & Out."

Nothing particularly new here. But I like postings *artifacts* like this, if only to remind us of just how little has changed in over 30 long years, when it comes to depictions of black people on film and TV! In fact, it’s arguable that we’re actually worse off!

In essence, conversations we have here on Shadow And Act regarding limited representation are conversations that black folks have been having for decades. As I’ve said a gazillion times, at some point, we’ve got to get passed all the talking, seemingly waiting for others to lead, and actually start acting on our own behalf! It’ll be terrible if, in another 30 years, we’re STILL having these similar discussions.

Watch below in 2 parts…