The fourth and final season of “Black Folk Don’t,” the satirical documentary web series which we’ve followed on this blog over the years, is back just in time for the 2016 presidential election. Directed by Angela Tucker, the series premiered on Monday night, September 26, when it tackled the voting habits of African Americans so crucial to this year’s hotly-contested political battle.

The first episode, “Black Folk Don’t …Vote Republican” aired on Monday; you can watch it in full at the bottom of this post.

A project of TuckerGurl LLC, the alternately comical, educational and profound series is funded by National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and can be seen on NBPC’s official website

Future episodes of the provocative series will air weekly on Mondays and include “Black Folk Don’t … Listen to Classical Music” (October 3), “Black Folk Don’t … Buy Homes” (October 10), “Black Folk Don’t … Know Their History” (October 17), “Black Folk Don’t … Do Buddhism” (October 24) and “Black Folk Don’t … Get Anywhere on Time” (October 31).

This season, the series, which is executive produced by NBPC, heads to Chicago for interviews with Dr. Amara Enyia, who ran for Chicago mayor against Rahm Emanuel; Anthony Anderson, a Trump delegate in Illinois; Charlene Carruthers, Black queer feminist organizer of Black Youth Project 100; Jamila Woods, poet and vocalist who has collaborated with Chance the Rapper; and Kyra Kyles, editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine; as well as with prominent Chicagoan musicians, professors, activists and lawyers.

“Since last season aired, Black people have been inundated with a constant stream of news of the violence being unleashed against the population, so I thought it was important to bring some humor back into the race discussion,” said Tucker. “And Chicago, a huge, complicated city with such a rich history and a cross section of Black people from across the country due to the Great Migration, seemed the perfect setting.”

“‘Black Folk Don’t’ has been one of NBPC’s most engaging and talked-about web series since its launch in 2011. Its satirical look at stereotypes has flipped the conversation on race without shying away from tough topics but instead treating them with honesty, humor and insightfulness,” said NBPC Director of Programs and Acquisitions Kay Shaw. “The series may end, but ‘Black Folk Don’t’ is now part of the public’s vernacular.”

Past episodes of the series have included such varied topics as “Black Folk Don’t…” do winter sports, adopt, tip, get married, join the NRA, have eating disorders and live to the end of horror movies.

Watch episode 1 – “Black Folk Don’t …Vote Republican” – below: