nullLast April, Presidents Obama and Raul Castro shook hands at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, marking the first meeting between a USA and Cuban head of state since the two countries severed ties in 1961. The meeting came 4 months after the presidents announced both countries would restore ties following previous long-maintained policies of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation. Although the USA trade embargo, which requires congressional approval to be rescinded, still remains, the Obama administration took executive action to ease some restrictions on travel to Cuba by USA citizens, as well as restrictions on the import and export of goods between each country, beginning the normalization of relations between both countries.

Today’s Short Shout! comes from filmmaker Ezaram Vambe, titled "Cuban Color Temperature," which he filmed in the cities of Havana and Trinidad, in Cuba. As the title suggests, it’s a picturesque portrait of casual everyday life in Cuba, captured on the filmmaker’s Canon 7D.

There’s no driving narrative here, so just enjoy the calming nature of the images and sounds you see and hear as your Tuesday comes to an end, wherever you are. It’s very short and simple.