Check out episode 1 of what will be a 7-part web series (the filmmaker says each episode will be 25  – 30 minutes) titled “Resolve,” which hails from Rodney Victor Williams, who wrote, directed and also stars in the crime drama.

Filmed between North Wales and London, “Resolve” follows Victor, an ex-soldier who did two tours of duty in the WMD war in Iraq. During the war Victor saw and committed acts against humanity, as a soldier with orders, that he has grown to regret. During his second tour of duty, Victor lost his 4-year-old son Elisha – an innocent bystander to senseless gang violence. The guilt of the WMD war forces Victor to ponder if his son’s death was a form of karma for what he did during the war. He struggles to continue living with himself. Suffering from PTSD, guilt and a broken conscience, he becomes a hitman helping victims of society’s menaces, to exact a form of vengeance; his main objective being to eventually find his son’s murderer.

You can keep up with the series via its Facebook page and/or on Twitter, as the next 6 episodes are released over the next several weeks.

Watch episode 1, titled “Silhouette,” below. It’s 30-minutes long, which is unusual for a web series: