nullBack in June, I did an interview with up and coming Chicago based filmmaker Christopher Nolen
(HERE), which proved that you don’t have to be in N.Y. or L.A. to achieve your filmmaking

latest project, which he discussed in the interview, "72 Hours," with an ensemble cast featuring Harry Lennix, Timon Kyle Durrett, Erica Hubbard, Terri J. Vaughn, Cynda Williams, Brian Hooks, Chyna Layne, Brely Evans, Tangi Miller, and Thea Camara and is set to be released later this

The first official trailer for the film was released yesterday and is embedded below.

The film
deals with a reformed womanizer (Durrett) living the good life with a beautiful wife (Hubbard) and a
dream job. That is, until he suffers a
heart attack and finds himself face to face with The Almighty One (Lennix). He’s able to strike a bargain for a second chance at life, in which he has only 72
Hours to right the romantic wrongs he’s made to all of his exes.

With the
help of his best friend (Hooks) and the determination to live, Durrett “embarks
on a hilarious journey to seek redemption and soon realizes that heaven nor
hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Watch the trailer: