Jordan Peele breaks down the entrance of the Tethered in this new video from The New York Times.

Peele gives viewers a peek into his process for the newspaper’s “Anatomy of a Scene” video series. In the video, Peele states that Jason’s line, “There’s a family in our driveway,” is meant in a way that’s supposed to become iconic years later.

“[It is] A line designed giddily to become iconic like ‘They’re here’ from the Poltergeist and help congeal this sense of Amblin-like predicament with a Black family in the center of it.”

Peele said that unlike Get Out, Us utilizes real time to increase the terror for the audience.

“The movie before this has been going from some time dashes here and there. When we get into this moment where the four family members are standing, holding hands outside, we…use a lot of the steady-cam with very few edits, really trying to signal to the audience that this relentless, real-time event has begun and is taking place.”

Peele also says a part of the film references Halloween, when Michael Myers, under a ghost sheet, never responds to questions.

“The less response you get the more impending and physical I think the threat gets. Probably after the second time someone doesn’t respond, you know one of you [has] got to go down.”

You can hear more of Peele’s process, including a sneaky reference to Halloween in the video below.


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