“Money Monster”

The only major release this weekend was the Jodie Foster-directed thriller “Money Monster” with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. But if any film should be rightfully called “Money Monster,” then it would have to be “Captain America: Civil War.”

Once again, as expected, the film was No.1 at the box office this weekend despite an earnings drop of 59%, with $72.5 million, bringing its domestic total to nearly $295.9 million. And already the film has leaped to the second place in worldwide b.o. totals with $940 million and in just two weeks.

“Zootropia” is still No. 1 worldwide this year, with $969 million earned, but “Captain America” will surpass that easily next week, by grossing over a billion dollars in just three weeks. Money monster indeed.

However, some are already predicting that Sony’s animated film “The Angry Birds,” could beat out “Captain America” next week in the No 1 slot. We’ll see about that.

And speaking of that other “Money Monster,” it came in third with $15 million. Not so impressive a number, but all things considered, it’s not really bad given all the competition it was going up against. Also there’s the fact that it’s an adult film, going for a completely different audience. Despite mixed reviews, though it got a standing ovation when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last week, the film could do solid business here and overseas, and make a profit for Sony Pictures, especially since it cost a very modest $27 million to make (compared to “Captain America’s” $250 million budget).

One b.o. office disappointment must be Key and Peele’s comedy “Keanu,” considering the comedy duo’s popularity; although personally I have to confess that I never thought they were THAT funny. More like the current  “hip” comedy team that people like to say they love, to show to other people that they’re “hip” too. There I said it.

However, the film’s $18 million take so far (after 2 weeks in release) must be something of a let down; but the film is sure to have a long life on cable, download and other home video platforms.

1) Captain America: Civil War BV $72,563,000 Total: $295,892,078
2) The Jungle Book (2016) BV $17,764,000 Total: $311,760,110
3) Money Monster TriS $15,000,000
4) The Darkness HTR $5,180,000
5) Mother’s Day ORF $3,259,205 Total: $28,757,325
6) Zootopia BV $2,816,000 Total: $331,831,439
7) The Huntsman: Winter’s War Uni. $2,580,000 Total: $44,539,250
8) Keanu WB $1,900,000 Total: $18,612,503
9) Barbershop: The Next Cut WB $1,675,000 Total: $51,355,702
10) The Boss Uni. $1,180,000 Total: $61,141,700
11) Sing Street Wein. $636,000 +Total: $1,909,135
12) Ratchet & Clank Focus $569,000 Total: $8,086,257