That large sound of rushing air you gear an fell is the sigh of relief from Paramount executives from the news that they finally have a box office hit on their hands. It’s been a year-long rough patch for the studio with a wave after wave of box office disasters such as Downsizing, Annihilation, Suburbicon, Baywatch, mother! and Ghost in the Shell. And that’s not mentioning The Cloverfield Paradox, which was so bad they decided not to release in theaters and instead dumped it on Netflix. Only Daddy’s Home 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight made any kind of money and even then it was well below what was expected A really bad year for the studio.

However going back to simple basics turned out to be the key with their horror film A Quiet Place. The very modestly-budgeted $17 million horror film, written and directed by actor John Krasinski and starring him and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, got practically nothing but rave reviews. It pulled in more than expected, with $50 million this weekend, which is almost two and half times its production budget. That is the biggest opening for any non-sequel, non-remake original film in the month of April since, believe or not, the Adam Sandler movie Anger Management which opened in April of 2003 with $42 million. And A Quiet Place looks to be Paramount’s most profitable film this year along with Mission Impossible: Fallout which comes out later this summer.

But the bigger news is what I predicted last week and was reported a few days ago on S&A that Black Panther, with $665.3 million total so far, is now the third biggest grossing film ever domestically. And with just under $1.3 billion ($1.299,855,740 billion and some change to be exact), it is the now the 10th biggest-grossing ever worldwide and will next weekend become 9th beating Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Not bad for a film for which you remember as I wrote back in February, the VP of Marvel Films said back in 2012 was never going to be made because it would be too difficult to make, but really alluding that there was no audience for a black superhero film. Like who wants to see a black superhero film? That’s crazy! I still wonder what he’s thinking now.

But the question now is, can it become the second-biggest grossing film ever? The title is still held by Avatar which grossed $760.5 million. The answer is at the point is unlikely. Black Panther is dropping significantly every week, but it will definitely do over $700 million domestically for sure. But, as I’ve said before, who knows? It might have a shot.  I had predicted the film would do $800-900 million worldwide and that $1B was unlikely without a huge box office performance in China. Well, I was wrong about it grossing a billion, which it did technically before it even opened in China, and in China so far the film has grossed $105 million.

Last week’s No. 1 film Spielberg’s Ready Player One dropped some 40 percent for second place slot with $25 million and almost $97 million which is not actually so great for the film which was expected to do better. But the film is killing it overseas and with over $391 million worldwide to-date. It’s headed for at least $600 million making it his biggest-grossing film in a decade after a long period of flops and modest box office performers.

The R-rated comedy from Universal, Blockers, with John Cena, came in second with $21 million. Not surprisingly, Tyler Perry’s Acrimony dropped big by some 53 percent down from last week’s second place to sixth with $8 million and this weekend and $31 million so far. That means the film is not going to perform as nearly as well as his films regular did a few years ago and might prove my assumption that his audience, for the most part, has moved on. No doubt he’s expecting better results, and might get them from his next film coming out in November from his new deal with Paramount starring Tiffany Haddish.

Chappaquiddick, the drama based on the infamous Ted Kennedy scandal and released by Bryon Allen’s Entertainment Studios also did not fare so well with $6.2 million. But it really would only to those who were around during when it happened back during summer of 1969 (I dare say I was there then). One surprise remains, and that is the unexpected box office performance of the faith-based film I Can Only Imagine, which Roadside Attractions picked up for domestic distribution and it has stayed in the top ten since it first came out. The film has grossed $69 million to date and will easily do $90 million, making it the biggest box office success in the entire history of Roadside.

1) A Quiet Place Par. $50,000,000
2) Ready Player One WB $25,060,000 Total: $96,920,525
3) Blockers Uni. $21,439,000
4) Black Panther BV $8,430,000 Total: $665,355,740
5) I Can Only Imagine RAtt. $8,356,800 Total: $69,084,002
6) Tyler Perry’s Acrimony LGF $8,065,000 Total: $31,349,580
7) Chappaquiddick ENTMP $6,200,000
8) Sherlock Gnomes Par. $5,600,000 Total: $33,898,061
9) Pacific Rim Uprising Uni. $4,910,000 Total: $54,919,060
10) Isle Of Dogs FoxS $4,600,000 Total: $12,048,934
11) The Miracle Season Mirr/LD $4,137,000
12) A Wrinkle in Time BV $3,150,000 Total: $90,122,756